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The Ron Weasley Fanclub
United States
Current Residence: The Burrow/Gryffindor Tower, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Due to lack of involvment in the club's monthly contests, I have hereby placed the contests on hiatus until further notice. The return of the contests will be dependant not upon how many new members we have (and we're getting quite a few), but on the activity of members we already have. Not enough is being done around here to really justify this as a club. So far, there has been very little work actually submitted, which does not please me. All work must be submitted via a note either directly to the club, or to the admin :icononewingeddemon: with the link included. I'm thinking we'll be doing this the ghetto-fantastic way and instead of my saving all this art to my hard drive and submitting it directly to the club itself, we'll be relying on the good old Favorites system. You send me link, I will favorite it. There. Easy peasy.

Welcome new members: :iconsquidley: :iconash06: :iconanji-was-here: :iconfire--and--freckles: :icondarksideup:


:spotlight-left: Weasley Is Our King! :spotlight-right:

Hello and welcome to Weasley Is Our King, the club dedicated soley to the worship of the most underappreciated HP sidekick, Ron Weasley!

:bulletred:So how does this club work? Well basically, if you have any art, prose, poems, pictures, etc that glorifies our favorite Weasley, send it on in! There are so many Ron lovers online, but there are so few clubs dedicated to him where you can be free to showcase your fandom to other Ron fans, so hopefully, this will be such a club. :bulletred:

:bulletred:But of course there are some rules to this club, and they are as followed. :threaten:
   :bulletgreen: No degregation of Ron Weasley will be tolerated. Saying things like Ron is useless, that he will turn evil and betray his friends, etc, will result in your permanent banning from the club and being beaten over the head with Cleansweep Sevens
    :bulletgreen: At Weasley Is Our King, we are PRO Ron/Hermione. H/Hr and D/Hr shippers are permitted to join, but whatever works they submit must be Ron-related in some way, and any R/Hr bashing or defamation will not be tolerated.
    :bulletgreen: And finally, we would like for all members to advertise the club on their own pages or in their signatures. I'd like to have as many members as possible, so please try to promote us in some way.
    :bulletgreen: Please be sure to keep all spiders out of Ron's view. It gets rather nasty in here when he gets scared.

So, do you still wanna join? If so, just send a note my way and I will add you! And we hope you'll submit to our contests, which will occur on a monthly basis.


:spotlight-left: Contest of the Month :spotlight-right:
On Hiatus until further notice

:iconkiwikewte: wins by default

Admins: :icononewingeddemon: :iconappleofecstacy: :iconbaby-doll:

Members: :iconfi-chick: :iconlonleynewsie: :iconwearmyhat: :iconsirose: :iconchewie-: :iconzusserdiz: :iconkiwikewte: :iconklissaye: :iconpico-pito: :iconafraid-of-forks: :iconpeaceoflorien: :iconcelestial-mermaid: :iconmoonlitshadows: :iconlalen: :iconcariemgn: :iconshigatsusan: :iconmoosedeevita: :iconchewie: :iconpuchiko-chan: :iconpsycogal5940: :iconpadfootlives: :iconnekodesu: :iconshadowkitten05: :iconfelegund: :icongreendaygirl: :iconkmp-sum-41: :iconmissy509: :iconcrimson-mane: :icondizy-me: :iconrainlioness: :iconkahlan14: :iconleeruki: :iconorochipeach: :iconoukami666: :iconcaitluvsanime: :iconpurpledamekat: :iconsquidley: :iconash06: :iconanji-was-here: :iconfire--and--freckles: :icondarksideup

Affiliants: :iconweasleylovers: :iconpotterart: :iconits-so-obvious: :iconweasleytwinsfanclub: :icongryffindor: :iconhogwarts: :iconhpbishieloversclub: :iconorder-of-the-phoenix: :iconlupin-tonks: :iconmaraudermischeifclub: :iconomg-neville:  :icondumbledoresarmy: :iconmoony-admirers: :iconhp-ships: :icondesperatlyinlove: :iconsherbetlemon: :icongred-n-feorge: :iconpanthera-academy: :iconhms-orange-crush: :iconremus-lily:

Fellow Ron Clubs::iconronniekins: :iconronfans: :iconron-fans:


All questions and notes and requests to join can be sent to me, onewingeddemon, or appleofecstacy.

Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and all that imply are property of JK Rowling.

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thoughtdisorder Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008  Student General Artist
i'm not a huge Potter fan,
but here's some artwork fans might find amusing:

[link] Potter
[link] Weasley
[link] Granger
pusteecky Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2006
Where was gone?
Why so long there are no news?
We wait!

Art of my friends: Ferres comics :: Gary Roberts comics :: Quoom 3D :: Bdsm comics :: Adult comics :: Erotic comics
Froda-Stoney Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2006
Emmm... Hello! Humm... I send you a note a few days ago, saying I wanted to be a member and asking if you were interested in affiliate with my clubs. I think you said yes, but I'm not on the list of members and my clubs aren't on the list of affiliates TT_TT Why??
Eti-chan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2005  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
my old Ron-pic 4 U ^-^ [link]
Crimson-Mane Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, this club looks like fun. *drools at all teh Ronnie fanart* I'll join! *scarpers off to send a note* :D
MonicaMarinho Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Hello Hogwarts fans!!
Would you like to join us?? Check it ;)

:boogie: :glomp: :dance: :hug: :clap:
RonaldW Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2004
Now you're talkin! :boogie:
Kitsune-Youkai Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004
Hey all of your Ron fans I was at wal-mart the other day and I saw a Ron look-a-like. I don't mean he sorta looked the same he looked EXACTLY the same. So all of you obsessed fangirls can go hunt him down. ^_^ lol
greendesire Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2004
You mean he looked like Rupert Grint? Or he looked like canon!ron?
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